Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today was a first at our house. Kennadee has this "panic" she does when something terrible has happened. I've only heard it a few times in her life. Once being when Ryker fell off a counter top, when the fish jumped out of the pond and got stuck. She thought it was dead, and today when she was trying to open a Rubbermaid Tupperware with her mouth and that darn bottom tooth came out with it. She was trying to open it when she realized something feel and the lid had not come off she thought she broke a piece of the lid. Well once she realized what it was, well that's when I got the "panic" screaming of "oh no mom I broke my tooth!" After a few minutes of getting her to calm down we finally realized that the tooth was probably loose in the first place since it only was bleeding for a minute and the whole thing came out and it was the only one. So just to make sure I tried opening the Tupperware with my mouth and it just bends, so I was sure it was loose at that point. I feel bad since one of Kennadee's friends sisters lost a tooth a few weeks ago and Kennadee was telling us about it. Well for about a week after that she kept telling us she had a loose tooth. We thought she was just trying to play off the friends sister, well we know now that she really did. This picture is a much happier Kennadee now that she knows she gets money and she didn't break her tooth!

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

(Ryker won't close his eyes under water so he gave these a try)

("playing dead" that's how we get bubba to do a back float)

That's what we have been doing all summer long we go swimming at least 4 times a week at grandma & grandpa's house. There is nothing we love more than about 7pm to head up and go take a swim right before we put the kids to bed. Ryker had a little incident the other night jumping off the side of the pool we were trying to teach him to dive in and jump off the bottom so he could come up for air and go back under to swim to the steps.....Well he was doing pretty good, until he hit his noes on the bottom of the pool. He was so proud of his bloody nose because he had mastered his skill perfectly, so he thinks....

(Ignore my shrill voice in the video, I will remember next time not to talk!!)

Ryker had a little swim that he does that makes us all laugh its the "dolphin". He will not use his arms and will go for quite a while when he is out of air he will just shake his head back and forth "no" to let us know its time for someone to grab him.
(Practicing her kicks!)(Kenn just caught all these in the deep end with one breath.)

Kennadee is just a great little swimmer she has gotten so to be so good this year. She asks every day to go swim, and her dives are great. She also can swim to the bottom of the deep end and get several rings off the bottom at once. Kennadee has figured out how to tread water for longer than her mommy that's for sure. Needless to say she is doing great!

July Parades!

(this is what happens when you take a corner a little to fast!)

July has been full of parades....We did the Riverdale, South Ogden, Centerville, West Bountiful and Bountiful parade. You bet 12 cases of taffy and 4,000 flyer's later we are glad to be done. Not to mention all the begging on my part of getting people to dress as "Chewy" I'm lucky to have a great brother in law and hubby that gave in and helped. I also am lucky to several other family members that stepped in and helped with other things in the parades at the last minute. This year we got the Dune Buggy all cleaned up and it seemed to be a hit. What will we come up with next year!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A real fish story!

Its that time again for family reunions. Every year all my brothers and sisters get together and go four wheeling. This year we all were able to go except Jackson of course, but he will be there next year only 6 month left! YEAH!!!! It was so dusty since there had been no rain but it was nice to go on rides. Nick, Kennadee and Ryker couldn't get enough. We also had a fist this year, we all got our our marshmallow guns and they were a blast. It didn't matter how bad it hurt we all would just laugh and keep shooting each other. I think my dad enjoyed it the most he would hit someone and just giggle like a little kid. I love that we can all get together and just act like kids! We went on several rides and just enjoyed spending time as a family. Nick was playing in a little lake and there was a little fish about 8 inches that swam right into his hand and he picked it right up out of the water. I didn't get to see it but everyone else in my family did and couldn't believe it. We all decided it had to be mentally challenged because what type of fish would do that.

(Ryker loved roasting marshmallows. Can you tell?)

(Kennadee got a new helmet and didn't want to ever take it off she loved it so much)

(Bubba was so thirsty that he dumped a Gatorade down the front of him, I know you can't tell because he is now cleaner from spilling it than he was before this picture.)

(Can you tell it was a little dusty?)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Apple Pie & Raspberries

Ryker and Kennadee love going to grandma's to pick Raspberries. We just send them out with a bowl and they come back with enough for everyone to have a few. Well the adults never go with them (yes they pick unsupervised) but today I went out with them and to my amazement there were raspberries galore. So we picked everything we could find. My mom and I thought the kids had been picking the vines to death because some of the berries they would bring back were not so ripe at times. We were about 3/4 the way through the vines when kennadee sat on the bag and squashed them pretty good. So when we were done we decided that since grandma had some rhubarb we would make some jam. Can we say mmmm..... We had enough to make about 6 jars and it will be gone fast at our house.
Sunday I decided to make an apple pie, from scratch. Well this is what it looked like once Ryker realized it wasn't hot. I have to say it wasn't to bad for my first attempt that didn't come from a can.

Poor Ryker isn't sure if he still needs naps or not. What do you think? This was taken about 3 min. into dinner.

Swim Lessons

This year we took swim lessons at the Rec Center and the kids loved it!

Ryker was in a level 2 preschool class and passed everything off except "listening", big surprise! He did really well and he loves swimming more now than ever. Now if we could only teach him to let us know he is jumping in instead of just going, and can hold his breath forever. He does a new dolphin swim where he wiggles his bum that is so cute, one of these days I will get it on video.

Kennadee was in a level 4 class and did great. The first day she was very unsure because she was in the lap pool so she couldn't touch at all. She was the only one in the class that couldn't, but she did awesome. Kennadee really pushed herself to do everything the big kids were doing. I was so proud of her. Kennadee had learned some really good technique to help her swim even better.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Nature Hike

On Sunday we really wanted to get out we had been working a lot this last week and the kids needed some extra "mommy & daddy" time. So we headed up Muller Park Canyon for a little Hike.

Kennade found a rather large lady bug.

Kennadee & Ryker loved all the different animals and trees.

Ryker was a trooper and walked the whole time.

Kennadee and Nick heading back from their off trail adventure where they saw a snake.

Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July!

"say cheese"
This is what you look like when its 11 pm on Friday and have been up since about 5am.
Since we have been doing alot of parades for the stores, we haven't really been into the festivities as much as we usually do. But we did venture out to the Eaglewood fireworks and we all had a great time together.

The dollar store glow sticks were the best thing I could have ever found.

Happy Birthday Wyatt

Happy 4th Birthday Wyatt!
Cousin Wyatt's Birthday party was at Chucky Cheeses for a while at our house it was "chucky Jesus" I have to admit it was pretty funny but at least we can say it right now. The kids were in heaven. Kennadee even won the "jackpot" on a game and won 250 tickets she was so excited she couldn't control it. Ryker had a blast playing ski-ball, and riding the horse. We hope you had a great day Wyatt.

Kennadee & Chucky

Kennadee and her "Jackpot"

Ryker & Chucky