Thursday, August 28, 2008

Glitter Toes!!!!

I have a really cute gal that works for me at Cookie Cutters who does glitter toes..... If you want yours done to call Bonnie 520-8686. She only charges $30 and has so many colors to choose from.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Elder Broderick Update

(Jeff & Jackson)

Jackson has been out 7 months now!!! Yeah~ Kennadee & Ryker miss there uncle jackson. He was able to go to the Navoo Pagent a few weeks ago. He had the opportunity to meet the cast, well small world Joesph (the cutest one I have ever seen) is played by Jeff Dickamore. Jackson said it was really fun to get to see someone from Bountiful that we know.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane"

~After a full day of shopping we were ready to go home~

Jacqueline needed to do some back to school shopping. So what do you do when your mom works Jet Blue? Go to California to go Back to school shopping. I got to tag along (Kennadee is starting Preschool, that counts.....right?) We had so much fun Jackee scored on some great deals. Its fun to get to spend time with the girls. Sadly this is one of the only picuters I took it was a fast day in California. Oh ya~ Jackee was sure we would see someone famous because last time we were in LA we saw Lindsey Lohan during her stunt in rehab, but ended up on Rodeo Drive shopping, but mom did see this guy at the gas station. Jon Lovits from the wedding singer and many other films. The funny thing is she couldn't figure out who he was till she was the wedding singer on last night and he was on there. He does drive a sweet Porche....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Those kids are cute!

Okay Im a little bias but I think they are cute. I have a problem though. I need to send one to Elder Uncle Jackson (as kennadee would call him).... So let me know if you have one. Needless to say Kennadee thinks she is famous because she is in there twice. She was so excited to see the picture of her and her dance friends with their trophies that were bigger than them.

Its August already!

So with all the parades in July for Cookie Cutters things have been a bit crazy. But we have had alot of fun doing it. With all our trips out to sweets candy to pick up taffy we decided to go on a tour. (yummy samples) If was fun but what happened before and after was not. I will explain latter.

Nick called and couldn't find the keys to the Yukon, well thats because I had both sets of keys so I left work early and took the kids on the tour at sweets since we had some extra time. Well what Ididn't realize was that I had locked my keys in the car until after the tour..... Jackee had to come get us so our quick little trip took a few hours, oh well nothing better than sitting out in 100 degrees for a 1/2 hour, because you feel so stupid to go back inside the airconditioned building.