Sunday, April 6, 2008


Okay so it's been forever since I updated everyone on what is going on. So hold on, Just kidding I will make it short. First off I have to tell Kim I will one day come get my pyrex from Easter......Thats how crazy our life is...

Kennadee is having so much fun with dance they have competed two times this year. Her team has done so good. They placed 1st (both times) in there Thriller show routine, 1st (2x) in blow that whistle, and 2nd (2x) for fabulous. Kennadee had so much fun organizing all the Studio trophy's she spent an hour counting them and lining them up over and over. She was so proud... Most of all she was stoked for the one she got to take home, as you can see.
Kennadee's team also got to "preform" at a Jazz game. We have been to alot of games before and this is the first one we ever had to pay for. All I have to say is I will stick with the free ones they tend to be on rows 1-5 of the floor, not 13 of the UPPER BOWL! Oh well, the first quarter was fun!

On top of Kennadee keeping us busy, Cookie Cutters is finally going... We have signs up, sheetrock starting, and for the 100th time "NO, I'm not redoing my kitchen cabinits in red, yellow, blue and green, they are for the salon!" I keep getting asked this by neighbors because my garage looks like Rose Park right now. Hopefully I will have more to update on CC soon.