Saturday, January 19, 2008


I can truly say Grandma is one of the best examples of who I want to be like. This week we found out that Grandma Broderick has Accute Luekemia. She is up at Huntsman Cancer Instatue. She is fighting an incredible fight, but is still struggling. Today we went to see her and she was so excited to see her great-grandbabies. Kennadee had lots of hugs for grandma and was so worried about all the tubes around and wanted to know what they were all for. Ryker had so many kisses for grandma, and she needed them... He also wanted to eat all her food, but she did a great job of that. GO GRANDMA! We love her so much. Lets hope here treatments work so she can go back home and spend time with her family that she loves so much.

Alot of the staff also says she wins the award for the most visitors, I guess thats what happens when you have so many people who love you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FAMILY (what does it mean to you?

Family? What does your family mean to you? Today was a day that I had a huge eye opener as to how important family is. In looking at so many people around me and there situations, I can't believe I could ever take advantage of any member of my family.... Take a look at others around you do you know what they are going though, after reading a few other blogs to day, it was re assured to me you have NO idea what anyone else is going through. Take a minute to love those around you, mend the broken hearts, talk about an issues current or past that needs to be resloved. You never know what tomarrow will bring, lets just hope that its brighter that today. Im so lucky to have such an incredible family. Theres isn't a day that goes by Nick doesn't go out of his way to help me with my "projects" (theres lots of them), then there is Kennadee she can always bring a smile to your face, she has so much love and emotion for the world to go round, and Ryker (bubba's) who though a 1 year old could make you laugh all day, if he's not making you laugh at how much food the kid can consume (reminder....keep kennadee's jewlery making pieces out of reach...) its that when ever you tell him NO he wants to give you loves, and best of all the kisses are so innocent....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

~Happy New Year~

Every year the Broderick's house is the place to be for the New Year's Eve Party....Well I think everyone missed the memos from the last 10 years they have been doing it because the only people there to ring in the new year was.. Grandma and Grandpa Broderick, Great G&G Broderick and us. So let me tell you it was a party.
I decided my New Years resolution was to not set any because I never do what I say Im going to so, at least I have not set myself up for failure...

So don't we all set