Friday, April 17, 2009

What happens when....

What happens when an excited five year old gets to go play with her cousin while mommy goes to a meeting?
Kennadee and Ryker got to go to their cousins house today. They had so much fun! They got to go outside and see the garden Wyatt had just planted and when they came in to wash their hands, since I was going to be back soon. Kennadee fell and hit her head on the gate closure. Well needless to say its a good thing Dan wasn't to busy(we are so lucky to know scuh a nice guy). He came to our rescure since Nick as very sure that there was no way InstaCare would touch is daughters face. After lots of screaming Kennadee has her first set of stitches.

Grandpa Pedicure

Easter Sunday turned into grandpa make over. Kennadee gave grandpa a pedicure all while holding her nose, those tootsies stink!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy brithday Daddy!

Tournament Of The Kings Dinner Show

For Nicks Birthday I decided to take him on a quick little trip. So we packed our bags got on the plane and decided to go to Vegas for two days.
Ready for take off.....
Watching the donughts being made
Playing at the Pool
The kids were so excited for spongebob the ride, Ryker was a little to short so Ken and I could only go.
Happy Birthday Nick!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Its Official!

We closed on our house today. We have till Friday to move into the duplex. So if you or anyone out there know of a house or a lot we can take off a desperate persons hands let me know. We are on the hunt. We can't wait to get into a new home that we can stay in FOREVER after moving all my junk I don't ever want to move again!