Friday, November 20, 2009

Glow Worm

(day one almost an hour of crying and finally, this..)

Monday Bronson had to get "billy lights" since is Jaundice was not improving on his own. Day 1-4 ment screaming if he was in there. I did find if I put him in there on his tummy and he was already asleep he would nap.(disclamer: I know he is supposed to sleep on his back, but he can hold his head up really well and I make him take his binky if he is on his tummy)
This is day 5 only lasted 15 min. but hey I will take that awake and under the lights! Wahoo!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bronson Pearce Martin

Bronson Pearce Martin

November 9th 2009

8 Pounds 9 Ounces

22 Inches Long

We long awaited the day "Baby Bronson" was going to make his appearance. After two months of contractions and two weeks of Dr. appointments that were not what we wanted to hear finally on Monday

I went to my regular appointment praying we were still going to have a baby. Well sure enough we were so luck that she didn't think he would wait until 7pm on his own so she wanted me to head to the hospital about noon (seeing as she had a meeting in the late afternoon she had a meeting she was over in SL)

We arrived right on time since I was not about to have any reason we would wait another minute to have this little guy. So we got checked in and they put me on penicillin. I had to be on it for 4 hours before they would break my water. So we waited while watching hours of boring daytime soaps. After 4 hours they nurse found a Dr. to come in and break my water at 5:05 pm. After that was all said and done the Dr. checked me to only find out that they thought I was in labor on my own the whole time since I was having contractions for the 4 hours every 4-6 min. but nothing had changed from my Dr. appointment, when I got there to 5 hours now later.

About an hour later the nurse came back in to see how I was doing since my contractions were 2 min. apart lasting 60-90 sec. I was uncomfortable but fine. I figured I would wait as long as I could to get an epidural since I was having contractions for the last 5 hours that had done nothing so the last thing I wanted was my epidural to slow things down. The nurse asked several times over and over, "Are you sure you don't want one yet" so after about five min. of her asking again and again I decided to have her go ahead and page the anesthesiologist so If he was busy and I had to wait it would still be no big deal. (the nurse paged the Dr. and called my Dr. My Dr. was already in SL but since nothing had changed in 5 hours now she headed back home to Bountiful) The Dr. walked in about 10 min. later to do my epidural. My mom and dad decided to go down stairs and get some dinner thinking they had hours before this baby would be here. Well the Dr. got me all prepped to give me my epidural when he started the nurse asked me what my pain level was I assured her I was fine but was having a lot of pressure so the nurse checked me again to say this baby is coming now! The anestelogiest turned to say I'm not done and need about 5 min. well the nurse was now in panic mode. She paged another nurse to find out where the Dr. on the floor was and to call my Dr. Well the Dr. on the floor was in another delivery, and mine was back home in Bountiful about 20 min. away. They then notified an ER Dr. to be ready to come up. I then go into panic mode thinking my mom has been here to see my other babies be born and she won't be with this one. Nick started calling over and over and she didn't answer any calls or text messages. Nick then called Jackee who was at home watching Kennadee and Ryker. She started calling and texting to, still no luck. So our last resort was to send Nicks dad to find them, luckily there aren't many places to eat at the hospital so it was just a matter of getting down there and back up in time. Well at 6:16 my mom ran into the room, and 5 min. later my Dr. ran into the room. At this point my epidural is starting to work behind my knees so the anesthesiologist came back to give a quick does to see how fast he could push it in. Well 1 1/2 pushes later (my Dr. assured us it was 1 1/2 not 2, I guess that was very important) Bronson was here. He is healthy as can be and we are loving every min. of him.

Ready to go home and meet my big brother and sister...Because of all the illnesses going around children under 14 are not allowed to be in the hospital unless they are a patient. So Tuesday night we headed home.

Big brother and sister holding there baby for the first time. Ryker has been a crack up he loves his baby but his baby isn't so sure about the kid who keeps screaming in his face but wants to kiss him non stop. Kennadee is the best little mommy she can't get enough of him. She just want to do it all. We are so luck to have such great family and friends who have been so helpful this week with our kids and visiting.