Saturday, November 27, 2010


Where does time go?




Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day 10K

I was able to do the Turkey day 10K with my bestie running partner ever. It was only 5 days after my marathon so I was a bit worried but everything went great. Not super fast, but I did it.

State Date Bib Plc A Plc G Plc O Final
SDRC Turkey 10k 2010 - Run - 10k UT 11/25/10 7 25 72 166 58:57

Monday, November 22, 2010

TRI STATE Marathon

4 weeks ago my friend registered for a marathon. I had done all the same races she did this summer and a few more. So I thought if she can do it I can do it. right?! Several people said I was crazy which made me want to do it more. Others were very supportive. So I decided the first step was to register, the second was to figure out a training plan. Thanks to Liz she had a plan of action right away. My goal was to finish. I had only done a few relays and the longest distance in a single run I had ever done was 8 miles. How in the world would I be able to run 18.2 more. It was now or never for me. I had come such a long ways with my running. The first run I ever did was the rec. center 5k for Valentines Day. I decided I would just stay with my moms pace because I had no Idea if I could even make it 3.1 miles..We made it about a 1.5 and I thought I was going to die, but we finished. What am I thinking I am going to run a marathon?!

As the days went by I begun to think I could actually do this. I was so lucky to have such great friends that would do my short runs during the week with me, or meet me half way on my long runs. Pick me up from my own run to meet for a group run and so much more.

Julie picked me up Friday afternoon and we set off on our trek to Mesquite.The entire way down we asked ourselves, "What are we thinking?"

First thing is first. We went and picked up our packets and meet in person for the first time an amazing friend who we had met on Facebook. A dear friend introduced us to him. I didn't know much about him other than he was running the half and wrote a book. So I bought the book to see what I could learn.

We checked into our hotel and carried all of Julies' bags into the room she may have brought more than one.

To find that our room had an awesome light that came through the window and shone right on my bed perfectly.

Julies' sweet hubby Roger was working in Vegas so he drove up to take us to dinner. We went to a tasty pizza place. They had amazing garlic knots...mmmm... We then headed to Walmart to grab some food for the run. Neither of us are keen on the Gu's or energy things so we wanted to stick with what we were used to.

We wanted to turn in early we were so nervous. I was out for the count and poor Julie couldn't sleep
We got on the bus about 5:30am and we were freaking out to say the least! Once the race started we were ready to go. I just decided since my training was short I would do this race to just finish.

5miles in it started to sprinkle I thought I can handle this...

Stacking rocks on the mile signs to keep them up from the wind.

This is where I wasn't sure what would happen next. I had never ran more than 15 miles in training so I wasn't sure what would happen then next 11...

At this point only 8 more miles to go we had encountered the last 8 miles of a ridiculous head wind that would push you back up hill when running down. It was all I could do to just keep going. There were times I would laugh out loud thinking, "seriously is this ever going to end"

only 2 miles to go....

We finished! What a great experience to have and to do it with such a great friend.

First 26.2 finished!

Event Name & Course State Date Bib Plc A Plc G Plc O Final
Mesquite Marathon - Marathon NV 11/20/10 291 6 75 163 4:54:22

We jumped right in the car and headed to Vegas where we would spend the rest of the weekend.

We looked so hot walking in!

We spent the next two hours sitting here. Then got ready and headed out for a night on the town. Shopping at H&M and Dinner at my favorite place Claim Jumper. We headed back to the hotel to watch a movie we were out cold by 10pm.

We headed home the next morning, I couldn't wait to see my my family. Luckily we got left early enough because they ended up closing the freeway because of a bad snow storm.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby B is 1!

We rented the Recreation Center for Bronson's first birthday. We had so much fun swimming and eating. I can't believe my baby is 1 already!

Bronson loves to swim

Hawaiin Haystacks were on the menu. 8 hours of cooking paid off everyone liked it.

The girls had fun dressing up and dancing for everyone

Lots of fun party presents

Treasure box cake. Whitney does such a great job

The boys had a blast with all the decorations

Cake time!