Sunday, September 26, 2010


Happy Eight years!! I can’t believe its been eight years already! Where does time go. I know 3 kids, work, stores and life. We are crazy busy but we have been enjoying it. Hopefully the end of the year we will get to sneak away to celebrate. Right now is to busy to get away. Last night we were going to get a sitter and go out. Being the boring couple we are we went and got shrimp and lobster from Costco and went home and made dinner.

Dirty Dash

Girls Night Out for The Dirty Dash. Lauren and I headed out shopping about 3pm to find the perfect Dirty Dash outfit. When all was said we spent 6 hours and $15 buck on our sweet get ups, went and got pedicures then headed to TRIO for dinner. It was so nice to relax, talk and have nothing to worry about. We then continued on up to Midway to check into our hotel. Zermott was a cute little resort to stay at. We got all settled in our room and realized we didn’t have any tooth paste we hoped in the car are headed into town. The first gas station didn’t have any but they had caramel popcorn that looked to die for…We drove to the other gas station across the street they had what we were looking for but no awesome Carmel popcorn. So we got our toothpaste and headed back to get the yummy popcorn. Did I mention this was 10:45pm. We got back to our hotel ate our popcorn while watching Legally Blonde. We couldn’t be up to late we had a race to RUN!

We were rip roaring ready to go until we realized how COLD it was. 6.2 mile mud run here we come. We were able to run with the Devil she was pretty cute. Aren’t our outfits cute. These two guys are awesome they are the ones that put the whole event together. There were different obstacles along the way. The first one at mile 1 wasn’t an obstacle but it was cold, they had snow machines on…BURRR!! The first real one was 4 ft. hay bails you had to jump over those suckers were huge there were about 6 different sets to get over. Mile 2 was black tunnels to crawl in. There were 3 different ones about 20 ft. long. Mile 3 was where it got fun. They had a fire hose spraying the climb walls they were 5, or 7 ft. walls to climb over. We were in it for all so big walls here we come…There was about 6 inches of mud you would sink in to get your feet out to get over the wall was rough… Mile 4 was tire runs easy as pie. Mile 5 was the surprise obstacle curtsey of Soldier Hollow and deer creek. The trail ran along the shore line, this time of year is about a foot of swampy nasty stagnant mud…You couldn’t get through it fast enough. Mile 6 was the worlds largest slip in slide…Note to self if you have been running in mud there are little rocks that are watered down so when you jump down a slide like that don’t go head and arms first it will hurt. The finish line was a huge mud pit. You had to go under the flags no exceptions. We were cute as could be our hubby’s drove up to meet us at the finish. They had showers that I guess were freezing so we hoped in the car and headed to the hotel to get showered. As we were walking out a guy from Salt lake running company was there collecting shoes to donate. They were dirty but still could be put to good use so we left our there along with our socks in the garbage. We got showered and ready for the day and headed back into town for lunch. We found a cute pizza place to eat and then headed home. It was a nice break but fun to be with Nick and Friends.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boulton 5K fundraiser

Boulton Elementary had a 5K for the school fundraiser this year. We were excited our whole family was going to participate. Kennadee was there for the fashion show and friends,

Ryker was there to run he was thrilled.

I was there to run with two of my favorite people

Nick was there to run while pushing Bronson.

Justin and nick kept all the kids running with them so us girls could actually run it. It was really fun to have people to run with. Normally I run alone so it was a fun change.

28:38 was my time. Not my best but it was fun. I placed 1st in my age group. Hey I know half the other moms were pushing a stroller but 1st is 1st….

Nick finished about 10 min. later with a wheel missing and 3 kids crying. I guess about a mile in the kids got tired so there were 5 kids in the stroller Ryker lasted about 2 miles on foot then got in the stroller there are 6 kids in a two child running stroller. Rounding the corner by Dicks market. The front wheel decided it wasn’t going to hold that many kids anymore. They all came to a dead stop. A few scrapes and tears they decided to just finish. Justin carried alee and Sophia while Kenn walked. Nick finished pushing the little ones in the stroller. Lets just say as these poor dads crossed the finish line it was a sight. They are such good sports.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lobor Day Triathalon

I have been looking forward to this from the day I finished my triathlon in June. I love a little self competition and luckily I have my mom there that I can look to that keeps me going. I was excited to see if I could beet my time of 1:36:10 to see if I had made any improvements.

I am so proud of my mom she is amazing. She had really taken to not only hard core workouts but to come do these with me.

Last time we waited until everyone went because we were worried about our swim, this is what I struggle with most. So mom started about 7 minutes before I did. She was awesome and just kept right up with those in her time slot. I love being at the finish line to cheer her on those last few steps. I hope that in 20 years I am still doing triathlons like she is. This time it was different to have her there cheering me on at the finish since she started before me it was so fun! Plus we got a tape measure for all of our “labors” for finishing. We went over to see our results my mom’s was posted but my time wasn’t yet. We waited and waited still no time. We went to go load our stuff up and though we would come back once we got everything in the car to see if my time was up. We start walking out and they were announcing the winners for moms age group.

Gaylynn Broderick 1st Place for age division

As if she didn’t already amaze me. 1st place that is incredible! I love that her prize was a hammer perfectly fitting for mother.

I finally got my time of 1:25:02 Yeah for improvement the work I have been doing has paid off.
Lake powell here we come!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nick started a new job a few weeks ago and loves it. He is working for the packaging company California Packaging. He is working in a division of the company Western agriculture supply. There is a conference every September in Sun Valley, Idaho that Nick was invited to attend to get the word out about his company. His boss was so kind he told nick the kids and I could go up with him…Sadly Kennadee had just started school last week so she got to stay home with Grandma and Grandpa and a lot of help from Nikki. She was thrilled, we were just sad she couldn’t come.

We left at 5 am. Wow that’s early when you go to bed at 2:30am and headed to Sun Valley. Nick had to be there by 9am. Nick headed off to meetings and the boys and I got checked into our hotel. As we went exploring we were able to find a great restaurant in which we would be eating at all three meals a day and some fun stores (Ryker’s favorite was the confectioners store)

There were swans right in front of our hotel that had signs not to get close. Ryker didn’t care he wanted to push his luck.

We decided one night to go on a run through Sun Valley it was beautiful the weather was great and the boys loved the stroller. Every day I took the boys on a walk, or a bike ride it’s such a perfect place to do it at. We ate at the same restaurant everyday. They had a patio where you could watch people ice skating. They have shows every Friday and Saturday night. Thurdsay they had the ice rink closed I was kind of disappointed we really enjoyed watching the skaters. What we didn’t know was that they closed it because Sahsha Choen an incredible US Olympic figure skater was going to be practicing in a few min. We sat and watched for about an hour. What a talent that girl has.

The last day we were there the host put on a lunch for all the wives. They had an incredible guest speaker at the age of 10 he was burned over 97% of his body. His spirit is truly amazing as he tells his journey of recovery. Most of us ask “why me” he helps us to think of “why not me”.

Nick was in heaven he was able to meet several potential clients while clay pigeon shooting ,and golfing. Golfing is something I quite don’t understand it took them 6 hours to golf 18 holes. Granted there was a catered lunch half way through but holly cow that’s a long time. There was also a horse shoe game they had by a little pond that we walked with Nick too they needed more players so I was able to play Everyone loved playing with the boys when it was my turn. Ryker and Bronson even found a new “grandma” I though she was going to take them home with her.

I am excited to see this new adventure of nicks work to see where it takes us. We are so lucky to

Know people that think enough of us to offer this job to nick.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Kennadee

All my big girl wanted for her birthday was a barbie house. Every time I asked about a party she didn't care she just wanted the house. So I planned a party at flips for family and friends. I cannot believe how fast time goes my baby is 7 already. She did finally tell me she wanted the catipiller bake from Costco. This girl kills me at times she can be so easy to please!!