Saturday, July 31, 2010

EPIC training

So I Haven been training for the Epic run from Logan to Jackson for the last few months. Two weeks before the race I wanted to run 3 times in 24 hours to make sure I was ready. So on my second run I had to take the kids....Let me tell you that was fun.. The kids were so excited to on my run with me so they could ride their bikes. We got about a half a mile and they wanted to rest I knew this was going to take a while.....By the time we finished the 4 miles on Legacy I felt like Bronson looked.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bountiful Hardcart Days Parade

As usual we did the parade this year we did things a little different. We used the store chairs and the kids were able to ride in them. The best part is we had over 5,000 otter pops to toss out....From the sounds of it they were the hit of the parade.

Thanks Linclon for all your Help this year on the parades. I couldn't have never made it happen with out his work. What are big brothers for right?! Bronson got the best in the house right in the air conditioned truck

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Park City Dance Attack

Kennadee had a 3 day dance camp in Park City where she was able to participate in 3 9hour days of dance...That equals Kennadee's HEAVEN. Dance Attack was held at the Yarrow they brought in choreographers from all over several were from the show So You Think You Can Dance which kennadee loves to watch so she was so excited to see Miss. Dana and Will I was lucky enough to have an awesome friend Lauren who hooked us up with a beautiful room at Hotel Park City. Ryker loved it because him and his friend Daxton could play in the hot tub as long as they liked. Our room was right by the little lake on the golf course that had ducks so the boys loved to feed them at watch them swim around.
The kids loved their places to sleep

Kennadee couldn't get enough of the jetted tub.

I was able to go run one morning Park City has an awesome running trail that goes up to main street from our hotel it was so relaxing to go running with no one and nothing around.

The last night we were there Nick and Casey came op so we could go to the Alpine Slide and Coaster as families. Well almost we were so lucky to have a babysitter come up for Bronson so we could enjoy the other two a little more. We ate at Baja Catina it was mighty tasty. As soon as we were done we went to the lift that takes you up to the slide it was so beautiful and perfect weather on the way up. The kids had so much fun doing both. Kennadee went with Nick because she can't ever get enough speed and Ryker stayed with mom because we are fine going slow.

On the last day of the camp they have all the dancers get together and show everyone the dances they learned. I was so proud of Kennadee she worked really had in those three days.
At the end of their age group of about 50 danc ers they gave away 3 scholarships and Kennadee WON..She was so cute I missed taking a picture of her taking a curtsy she had no idea what she had won it was cute. She still has to ask me what a "scholarship" is. I think it means more to me than her because she gets to attend the winter dance attack for FREE!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kisses for Cami

I am so lucky to know cami's mom and dad from High school. They both are amazing people and come from incredible families. (Pats sister own's the store next to my bountiful store) so I get to see Cami's mom and grandma quite often still. This family was truly tested a few years ago and is being test again today.It breaks my heart to hear what this little girl has gone through and will go through over the next 3 years but she can and will do it. Although things look VERY PROMISING for Cami. Its still a huge trail to be going through. Please pray for this cute girl.