Sunday, September 21, 2008

Like father like son....

Every night nick is always drinking out of the sink in our master bathroom. I personally think its odd, but he says its easier than going into the kitchen to get a cup. Okay~ Well Rykers' new thing when he asks for a drink, he wants to get on the countertop and get a drink like daddy. (Well daddy doesn't get on the countertop but you get the idea) It makes me laugh he will sit under there for ever and never come up for air.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chicago.......Ranting below....Warning!!!

(You can tell im trying to be glad not to be on a plane now that it was 8pm and we left at 7am)

So Nick & I went to Chicago this weekend. This is how it went......

Friday night, drop kids off at Aunt Chelseas around 10:30pm
(thanks anunt Chelsea & uncle Eni for spoiling them they loved it)

Get home around 11:30pm pack for weekend

Call in at 4:00pm for flight (thanks mom Jet blue free flights rule!)

Airport 6:00am SLC to Long Beach

Flight delayed in Long Beach for 3 hours...grrrr

Arrive in Chicago to puddles on the runway,
I now have a new meaning to "hydoplane", scary to say the least.

Went to dinner at CPK on Michagan Ave. paid $21 to park for an hour and a half.
Oh well we did hit up the largest H&M in history!!!

We were supposed to meet a guy to get a key to Cookie Cutters so we could start moving equiptment. He never showed up or called back. So we decided to go find our hotel..

On a positive note everyone should own a garmin.

Got up at 5am to go over to the store......
The guy still isn't there so we decide to go to a hardware store....

This is what we found.

Walgreens was open next door, they weren't under a 1 1/2 of water,
so we bought a wrench there.

Finally at 7:30am the guy shows up and says take what you want. So we did.

4 Moving guys showed up at 10:00am and didn't do much but complain that it wouldn't all fit not worth much.
(I see why they work for a temp agency)
Nick made everything fit.....I'm still trying to figure out how.

11:30am mom calls to say there are only 4 seats left on the
flight because other airlines are canceling flights.....

Get to airport to try and check in, detour inside the airport because
there was a fire last night and flodding today were the bagage claim is.......

Okay I will stop complaining in a minute.......

Wait on pins and needles to see if we are going to get on the flight, and we must have done something right because we got on a full flight and got to sit next to eachother, in the row with extra leg room. Yes that was the best part of the trip.

Actually it does get better. We stayed the night in long beach and walked to a little resturant by our hotel, it was out of the eighties, it was Nepolian all over again. Got on a flight in the morning and came home to reality.......

Im glad to be home that is for sure.......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Bithday Kennadee!

I can't believe this girl turned 5 yesterday already. They grow up way to fast, I don't have a baby anymore just a sassy girl who tells me how it is. Kennadee had her first friend only birthday party and loved it. All the girls got fairy wings, a tutu (they are easy to make if any wants to let me know) and then the kids all made their own "magic fairy wands" it was so fun. I think all the girl enjoyed it and ken got a ton of new toys. After her friend party we had a family dinner for her birthday. Kennadee loved having grandma, grandpa & all her anunts, uncles, and cousins come over.

We did cupcakes instead of a cake and they actually got ate, Kennadee helped me make all of them she was a trooper 48 is a lot for a 5 year old.

Also I had it all set up and came back a few minutes later thinking Ryker was taking a nap. Well this is what I came back to and every single mini marshmallow was missing off all 12 cupcakes.

These two had so much fun playing with Ryker on the slide The rest of the fairys! ~Fairy's in training making there magic wands~

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day Of Preschool!!!

(She loves the camera)
Today Kennadee started preschool. She was so excited, Kennadee was up by 7 ready to go to school. Anytime I would say anything like, "lets go eat breakfast." Her comment was, "and then I go to school". Well after almost 2 hours of that it finally was time to go. So I thought we should "hurry" and take a picture of Kennadee before we left for school........ I put Ryker in the Yukon and next thing I know the horn honked, the honk that lets you know the car is locked. Ryker locked himself in the car, after five minutes of trying to tell a toddler to try and unlock the door, he sucessfully pushed the lock button on the door several times, tapped back on the glass at me, and would say buttom, button very well. Needless to say everyone should own a car with onstar, its the greatest thing ever. (except for the part where they make you feel like an idiot for putting a toddler in the car with your keys). Kennadee made it to preschool on time and loved her new class. Mrs. Jenn is GREAT!

I found the best new blog that is all about hair,
anyone can do these styles, this one took 5 minutes.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Were having a party!!!!!

(I know there is a typo on the second one but didn't realize it till they were all done.....opps~)

Im so proud of myself for making these party invites....Half the time I start something and don't finish (who has the time) I finished the first one of these at 2:30 this morning so that shows you what time I started.... The fairy theme goes right along with what her party will be, stay tuned to how it turns out.....