Sunday, September 16, 2007


Every year Shelley has "Spud Day". Its hard to contain yourself I know you all will want to go next year after hearing this. The morning starts off with a genuine "Spud Day" parade, followed by events at the park such as fill the patato sack, tug of war over a pit of mashed potatoes, and other fun carnival rides, shops, and activities, we can't forget the hour line for a free baked potato. We were one of the lucky ones who won a frog from a booth (thanks Eni) but how do you transport a frog with no home. Well all you suckers out there you can buy a cage for your frog for ony $10 (or the dollar store) well you guessed it Flower now is enjoying her luxary pad. Thanks to Chelsea and Eni we went bowling that night also what a blast.

Shhh.... don't tell anyone but I won of course...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Kennadee!!!

I can't belive she is already 4! Kennadee was so spoiled for her birthday she got to spend the whole day with "far away" grandma and grandpa. Kennadee had so many people come to her birthday party. Wow did she score! I think we have enough play dough to last a life time, maybe two. Kennadee also got her baby she had been wanting, and the thing she loves most new things to wear. Thanks everyone who could come its always nice to get family and friend together.