Tuesday, May 26, 2009


How in the world do you name a poor child? There are so many things will they get made fun of.(Nick the _____.) Will they be twelve before they can spell or say their name for that matter (Kennadee). AHHH... Buy names are so hard for me I don't know why. So I want to hear any of your suggestions you may be the lucky winner to name our child (we are still praying for a girl, but have decided if its a boy we may keep him). I'm up for anything I just need a little help.

Hopefully one of these days for anyone who cares I will get around to blogging about Kennadee's graduation, Disney World, the new store ect.that has happened over the last month but its a little crazy around here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Preschool Graduation!

We have been waiting for this day now for 3 years. We loved Miss. Jenn & Marlo but Kennadee is so excited for Kindergarten. She couldn't wait to make sure she was good enough to graduate. For anyone looking for a preschool I would recommend her she is great!Good Job kennadee!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Girl....You Huge!

The around the world news update!
for all you who have been waiting here you go...
I have been hearing this on a daily basis, no joke...Thanks for reminding me again today mom. So I think there is no way to
hide it now, you can all stop thinking I'm fatter than normal... Yes That's how I look and feel and I'm only 13 weeks. Yes I have had SEVERAL ultrasounds already and yes there is only one.
(Its sad when your Dr. thinks your big, Uh.. How many babies does she deliver a year? ALOT!)
We find out in 5 weeks what we are having so everyone pray for a girl because another Ryker will do me in. (Don't get me wrong I love the kid, but wow!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Flordia: Day 6 Fishing & Sea World again...

The kids just wanted to keep swimming so that we did we didn't make it to the Wild Animal Park but Kennadee informed me we had a zoo at home so she didn't care. UHH.. I think there a little different but whatever. So we went fishing off the dock. Uncle Eni caught the kids 3 fish this was the only picture of the fish I had (this was the smallest one he caught)... We love uncle Eni he caught frogs, lizards fish and climbed trees for the kids. He is going to be a great Daddy! We went back to Sea World for a few hours since it was buy 1 day get the 2 day free with in 7 days. So the kids wanted to go to the shows again so we did.

Kennadee loved this frog and Ryker liked it as long as sister was holding it. He was a little traumatized when one of the lizards bit him.

Its a good thing it was catch and release uncle Eni was ready to go cook lunch!

Petting the sting rays the I didn't get any pictures of feeding the Dolphins since both kids were crying since they were scared to death. Before we went on our trip Ryker had talked about feeding them for about 2 weeks well when the time came he was more than good without.

Ryker with his Shamu at the Shamu show again.

How could I forget Nick and Eni got to ride a new ride that wasn't even open yet the manta it was scheduled to open Memorial Day Weekend but the were able to walk right on and have a blast.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flordia: Day 5 Hollywood Studios & Epcot

So Ryker woke up with a fever we didn't think much of it so we made a stop and bought some medicine and went on our way. Kennadee loved the tower of terror and Nick & I loved the Aerosmith ride. Also the little mermaid show was amazing the whole thing is done with black lights and is great! As a family we decided that the Toy Story ride is even better than Buzz lightyear ride. We were only there for a few hours since there isn't much for kids to do and headed off to Epcot. Rykers fever would not go away the poor kid laid in the stroller and slept all day he was so sick. I think it was the water from the puddle the day before or just a little to much sun from two days of swimming. I only took two pictures all day since Ryker didn't feel well I was trying to keep him happy. Hollywoods studios & Epcot were fun but not the greatest for our kids they didn't love it as much as we did. They do have a kids craft mask thing you can do but we didn't know about it till about two countries before we left. Oh well it was a nice relaxing not stress full day that's all that mattered.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flordia: Day 4 Daytona Beach

So we bagged buying an extra day at Disney World since the kids were having so much fun with the water so we decided to drive to Daytona Beach and go play in the water. Well worth the drive. Kennadee loving the water even though the wind was crazy, the beach was empty because of it so it was a good trade off.
Ryker found a puddle to play in that was about 1ft. deep and warm so he loved it.

Ryker kept wanting to get in the water by himself but the waves would knock him over so nick would hold on till the was came as soon as it hit him Nick would grab him. I have never heard Ryker laugh so hard It was priceless.
The view from my "stupid chair" I say that because I'm the stupid one who paid $20 for a chair for only a few hours. It was worth it since this was the view.

Kennadee also made a sand turtle, you really have to use your imagination but she did it all by herself, way to go SIS!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flordia: Day 3 Condo "R&R Day"

We thought after getting in on a late flight, two fun filled days the kids would need a little "R&R" well we found out it was us that needed it not them. We stayed at our condo which was great 3 bedrooms with a full kitchen so we went shopping so we could have some fresh fruit and vegies to have throughout the week. The condo had a great kids play water area that was like a park that was all metal with water sprinkers everywhere (the above picture is the only one I can find for some reason, but this thing was huge it was a blast) and 4 other pools on site it was a blast. We went swimming all day it made us get really excited to have grandma and grandpas pool open. Also the main pool went right down onto the beach so the kids could play in the sand and then get in the pool (there was about "1 of sand in the pool);0 Nick and Ryker enjoyed playing ping pong. Ryker actuallyjust enjoyed playing with the ball and hucking it at people.

Kennadee has mastered the back float she would sit there for hours.
The view from the pool, our Condo sat on a private lake so it was very relaxing.
Ryker trying to get the sand off his hands from falling trying to run in it, only to get more on his hands.
I think we need to go stay there again since we never did the miniture golf course. For any of you thinking of going to Flordia and have an RCI timeshare this is a must stay place with kids!

Kennadee being transformed into a mermaid.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Flordia: Day 2 Disney World Magic Kingdom

"The Greatest Place On Earth"

First thing is first find the biggest coasters for Kennadee. This girl loves a thrill it was reall fun she could go on almost all the rides. Ryker is scared of everything including the characters. It was so hot but well worth the time. We were able to walk on almost every ride, we had to wait about 10 min. on a few and Kennadee was board. I don't know how people go during the busy season. We even ran into our old neighbors there, we had no idea they were going to be there so Kennadee thought that was pretty cool. Nick was our "fast pass runner" so we were able to do the whole park in one day!

Kennadee loved taking pictures with all the characters.

Ryker wanted to go on a coaster but was to small for all but the one in toon town.

I don't think he liked it to much.

At all the eating places there wereducks that would eat right out of your hand the kids thought this was great. We didn't need to spend any money they thought this was great.

Note to self :save some money take the kids to a pond and feed ducks.

It was a great day but man we were ready for bed the kids were both asleep before we drove out of the parking lot.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flordia: Day 1 Sea World

We were so lucky to go to Disneyworld for 5 days. Kennadee has been counting down since March when we told her we were going to Flordia. We left late Saturday Afternoon and didn't get in til late but our week started early Sunday in 90 degrees when we went to Sea World. The kids loved all the animals. Last time we went to Sea World in San Diego we had a melt down since Kennadee loves rides and she was to short to go on the Atlantis she was one sad girl. Needless to say this trip she was big enough and rode it 5 times!

She was soaking wet after round one of Atlantis
This nursing pup was only 3 days old. How would you like to give birth to that 40 pound thing?

The kids loved the Shamu show so much the Ryker carries around his stuffed Shamu everywhere.

We really enjoyed all the shows since they were really different from Sea World San Diego.