Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Matini!


8 lbs. 11 oz.

August, 28, 2009
After 40 hours of labor this little guy finally decided to join the world. Chelsea was a trooper!
Congratulation Chelsea & Eni he is darling!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Presley Martin

~Sorry this picutre is of her at 2 weeks old, ~
~I forgot to take my camera when we went to see her for the first time~
August 25, 2009
8 pounds 8 ounces
Daxton and Halle love having new baby Presley in their family.
Congrats Cory and Tiffany!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Eni

Tonight we went down to Orem to wish uncle Eni Happy Birthday, the big 29! He wanted to go to Chuck-A-Rama for dinner. There was no complaining from Kennadee and Ryker they will go anywhere uncle Eni and Aunt Chelsea are. Thanks for inviting us down you guys!
Cute aunt Chelsea and the Kids. Hopefully she will be having that baby on Thursday, stay tuned! I love how Ryker had his hand on his hip just like Chelsea, he loves to copy her.
Unlce Eni and the kids! He is so great with them.
Chelsea had already bought Kennadee her birthday present so she thought she would give her part of it a little early. Kennadee was thrilled to get some clothes.

First Day Of School

Kennadee could hardly wait for her first day of school. Since her school is still under construction she got a cute construction hat and was sent on a treasure hunt to find different parts of the school. At the end she found the treasure and was so excited. She can't wait to start next week!

Friday, August 21, 2009

There's No Sharks In The Water When You Are Skatin'

Tonight we went up to Willard Bay with the Clark family to go do some "skatin' as Ryker would call it. The kids love the twins and baby Kendall. Ryker and Kennadee both got to try the awesome ski out that Nic, and his Uncle Robert that passed away made. They both did so awesome! Nick got to try surfing for the first time and didn't do to bad, I couldn't have done it thats for sure!

When she wrecked Kennadee told me she started crying because she thought the sharks were going to eat her. We then explained the differance between the Ocean and a Lake..

Ryker just wanted to get off the whole time. I love that every time Nick told him to lean back he would kink his neck funny. The second we got out of the boat he wanted to go again though.

(I don't know why you can't see Rykers face, maybe it was the sun?)

Hopefully we can go again before summer is over.

Kennadee Dance Camp

Kennadee had a dance camp a few weeks ago and let me tell you that many little girls in one area should be against the law. I had to post how funny this was. Kennadee was so into it until she realized she was the only one who knew the dance.

Well the second dance as you can see an instructor did it in front of them so they would keep going. It was so funny!

Island Park (weekend part 2)

Well once we left the reunion we planned on heading up to Island Park. We are so lucky to have some great people I worked for in high school (C22) & then off and on for a while become some great friends. I'll get back to that in a minute. On the way we stoped at Grandma & Grandpa Martin's since we don't get to see them very often. Nick decided to get out the old motorcycle, I can't believe how much they loved it. Kennade could even ride it by herself I was amazed!

(Ignore my schrill voice)

We love going to the Pines at Island Park if you haven't been there you are missing out, they are great cabins to stay at. When nick and I were first married Rick and Shelia would let us come stay in our own cabin as long as I cut their hair while we were there, we thought we were getting the better end of the deal thats for sure. Any chance we get to head up there we do. Well we were so lucky we got to go stay Sunday through Tuesday with them at a Cabin on Bills Island in Island Park. Let me tell you I thought I was in a dream. Not only was it the most beautiful cabin I have ever been to, this is what you get to wake up to every morning.

We went out on the boat. We were the only boat on the lake at the time. Nick did some Wakeboarding, the kids loved riding on the tube and I did what I love best WATCHED!

To warm up after boating the kids liked to get in the hot tub. It was so fun to have their kids to play with. Ryker and Addi couldn't contain themselves together, they enjoyed it so much. Kennadee and Ava loved playing in the sand and webkins of course. I think they had fun as long as the two little ones weren't around. A few even had "daddy craws" as addie would call them or crawdads for a snack, what brave souls!

We cought these two watching TV on the pool table, they loved playing "balls" little stinkers)

I really enjoyed getting to know the Egan Family better. This family is so kind, and giving it makes me want to be more like them. I feel like I'm family, I mean if you work at Corner for 5 years aren't you just adopted into the family. I can never get enough of Shelia she could make me laugh for hours.

When we had to get ready to leave we headed down to their resturant "Phillips Lodge" for dinner it was fantastic food. Kennadee was so excited for her "Shirley Temple" Ava was telling her about. If you haven't been there you need to go eat its, GREAT! We are so lucky to have such great friends that we could go spend time with. It was well worth the 4 hour drive!

Glen Broderick Reunion (Lava Hot Springs) and a Wedding!

We had a blast this past weekend I can't believe you can just keep driving and still feel relaxed. We left Friday night in Grandma and Grandpa's motor home. The kids think this is the neatest thing in the world. (What other time do you get to drive down the road and not wear a seat belt? Well I it happens more ofter than I think, right mom? HUMMER!) We got to there around 8 and stayed at the "Lava Mobile Estate" yes it was a trailer park but a mighty fine one I have to say! Saturday morning we went to the hot springs it was way to cold for us wimps to go to the pools or the river so we sat in the heat instead. After a few hours of that we were headed back to South Jordon for my moms BIG/little brothers' wedding.
(Kennadee can find a place to swing anywhere, she loved it)
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(You had to be there)
So we drove 2 hours up, to drive 2 1/2 back, and 2 1/2 back to lava again. Let me tell you it was worth it to see how happy this family is. I can't believe how big his kids are getting. Congratulations you guys. We also got to hold new baby Paige she was a little over 2 weeks old, and darling. Ryker couldn't get enough of her...(GRR. The pictures are on my moms camera not mine)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Poor kennadee has been waiting forever to have her letters made for her room. Finally I got around to doing then. I think they turned out pretty cute. I still have a little finishing to do on the purple ones (they aren't painted yet but will by the end of today). If you want to make your own there is a turtorial here that is the same idea.