Saturday, September 12, 2009

Isn't she lovely

Kennadee is all about the dress up, gitz, and glam so we had to go see her beautiful aunt Jackee off to Homecoming. Kennadee was so excited that she got to open the door when her date got there, seeing as Kennadee new who he was and I had no idea.

I also have to add, I think my mom and I are rubbing off on Jackee. She bought her dress at an undisclosed store for $60 and the designers retail tag was wll around $300. I never thought the day would come she would buy something on sale. Haha! We love Jackee and her high style of living as long as it doesn't rub off too much onto her biggest fan.

Princess Kennadee's 6th Birthday Tea Party!

Can you believe this girl is 6 already? Kennadee wanted a Princess Tea Party to have with her friends so we did just that. Kennadee dropped off her invitations along with all the girls tea party attire, every girls must be dressed appropriately for a tea party. When every princess arrived they made their own princess place mat. They glittered and dazzled til they were just perfect. We then ate dinner. The menu included only items a princess would have 90% sugar. Kennadee got so many wonderful gifts. Later that night we celebrated with dinner and swimming at Grandma's it was so fun to have friends and family over.

Fancy Nancy, Bitty Baby, Pretty Pretty Princess and much more!

Let the Games Begin

Kennadee loves to be active and involved. She is playing her first year of soccer and on another dance team (this one doesn't compete as much, thank goodness!), and gymnastics. Kennadee has done really well with soccer, everyone on her team played last year but her. I think she has done really well. They have already played 5 of their 8 games and she has scored 7 goals. Way to go Ken. Kennadee is so excited to get back into dance again she is so flexable and we are ready for all the fun to begin.

Ryker likes to think he plays soccer, next year he really can. For the most part him and Addi are running in to the on going game or rolling in the grass having fun playing with eachother.

One Tuff Cookie

So any time we have to go to the Dr. office my kids are scared they are going to have to get shots. They have already figured out if they ask I will tell them NO, even if they have to. Well Ryker had to have some blood drawn for some weird lumps in his neck. I thought "Oh No" here we go, this is going to be a mess. Well with a nurse holding one arm, me holding is head with my hands and his feet with my legs preparing for the worse the second nurse went to start drawing and to everyones surprise the kid didn't even flinch. It was so funny, seeing 3 adults holding down a 2 year old for no reason. He was so excited that he got to go get ice cream at Costco and show off his band aid.