Monday, January 19, 2009

Private Please!

GRRR...Okay, Nick has been asking me to do this for sometime, a friend was telling us of some things that totally freaked us out. (nick more than I) I guess I thought that there were still some decent people in the world but I guessed wrong. Well it has come down to us going private. So that being said if for any reason you want to follow our blog please leave me your email so that I can add you. I know there really isn't anyone who reads our blog but I would like to pretend. There are so many blogs I stalk, I hope some will admit to it also.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My favorite Sale!

I love this sale so I wanted to let all my friends know about it, it has been my little secret obsession, so here you go. You must be registered to shop, so go sign up now, and they go fast! This is the best deal for the best bags! Nick won't be happy but I will:0
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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Our "new best friends" invited us to the jazz game tuesday night. It was so much fun to get away with no kids, and relax.

Sleep Over

Kennadee had her first real sleep over with her best friend Brinley. These two girls can't get enough of eachother. They stayed up doing puzzles, giggling, and watching a movie.

In the eyes of Kennadee & Ryker

My kids love to play with my camera, it's not often I let them but I must have had a week moment. I love how they took turns and what it's like to see through the eyes of a child.

Lunch with Teddy!

Ryker has been loving his new teddy he takes him everywhere around the house, he loves to put his finger in his mouth when he talks so it will "ite he" (bite me). Ryker just woke up from his nap in this picture so he is a little out of it.

Christmas 2008

This year for Christmas eve events started with Santa's elves knocking on the door and leaving everyone Christmas Jammie's. (since Santa thought that everyone had plenty of jams he decided everyone needed track suits instead). The we went up to my moms house and had dinner, watched a movie, and worked on a puzzle. Then home to sleep to see what Santa will bring!
Kennadee and Ryker got spoiled!

Kennadee got a Tag reader, snow stuff and several other things....
Ryker go a rocking horse, teddy snow gear and much more....
Then off to close grandma's to see what was in store.
A phone call from uncle Jackson! We all had a great time talking to him, he is loving his mission. My mom made a great breakfast tradition crepes. Then it was off to the kids opening presents.
Kenn has been wanting to get a chair for her desk and another web kin so grandma and grandpa came through.
Ryker got his Rocking chair, now no more fights over kennadees.

Nick and I go spoiled with a new flip video camera (video to come soon)!
Then it was off to far away grandma's. We drove in the worst snow storm ever. We saw two plows that has slid off the road, several roll overs and much more. We made it in about 4 hours, normally 2 1/2.
It was really fun to be with Nick's whole family because it's not very often we all can meet together. We all got pj's, clothes, decorations, SOCKS, and much more. Even Midnight Magic Martin did a magic show. It was really fun.

This picture is terrible I don't know why.

Needless to say we are so blessed to have such a great family and have so much to be thankful for.