Sunday, October 31, 2010

Garner Villiage

Halloween is my favorite time of year we got the kids all dressed in there Halloween t-shirts and headed out to Gardner Village with friends for family night. We ate at Archibald’s for dinner 6 adults and 8 kids 8 and under was quite the sight. We had fun looking at the witches the kids were so excited to find “witchy poo” What a great night!


I love Halloween more than almost any other holiday. I love that everyone at the gym dressed up it was so fun. i decided that I wanted to dress up as a swimmer. Seeing as I was not about to show up in my suit I improvised..Karen is taking pilot lessons so she dressed accordingly, and Carly is a dancer for life. It seems as if we all dressed up as what we want to be when we grow up..

We headed out to main street and colonial square to start out our trick-or-treating. I was so glad we decided to do this because as we hit the last spot the storm decided to roll in. We headed home for Chilli and and movie.. I even got nick to dress up this year..

Happy Halloween from Alice and her crew!
Hatter, Alice, Twiddle Dee & Dum, and the Queen
( I looked really mad but I was far from)

The kids loved all the parades and parties at school. Its time to start planning next years outfits.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I started planning my boys costumes back when the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland came out. Nothing like getting an early start.

Kenadee fell in love with Alice

I fell in love with Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum.

So after a little sewing and creativity this is what we ended up with.. I love it! What about you?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lake Powell

Ryker was so excited to go out on Grandpa's boat. That 78 Starefire was a champ.

This is how you roll in Powell in October. Or at least I do.

This was my boys first trip of Lake Powell we took the boat out once the storm cleared out a little. They loved it. Bronson screamed for the first hour until he fell asleep once he woke up he couldn't get enough of it.

Ryker got to help grandpa drive and couldn't get enough

You should never drive drowsy.

Living the life!

Isn't she lovely!!

Bronson loved standing on the arm rest and watching the water

Grandma and her boys

Lake Powell Tri

Yep I did it I signed up for an open water swim. Lots of practice (not enough I would soon find out).

We headed to Lehi Thursday night to pick up our packets. I was starting to get really nervous we were heading out first thing in the morning.
Friday night we went and did body marking. I'm pretty sure they only do it to identify the body. Then it was off to bed we had to get up early.

We headed down to the transition area about 6 and got all set up.

Went back to the motor home to be greeted by my cheering crowd!

Picked up our chips and headed down the dock to get ready for the first wave to go.

(can you tell our crew support was thrilled to be there)

The weather was beautiful until about 30 min. before the first wave. I was excited to watch as I new one of the strongest swimmers there was Wes. who had helped me at an open water clinic they gym put on. Sure enough Wes was the first one out of the water. Those Gpp knows how to preform.

(Why are wetsuits make you look so amazing?!)

As it was our turn I was ready
to lose breakfast. I was freaking out! the gun went off and off we went..Well I didn't get to far before I had a panic attack. Okay I suck and swimming and now I am on the verge of tears I was freaking out. I actually got out of the water collected my thoughts for what was about 5min. I swear it was 20 but my swim time would agree;)
As I got back In I was much better. As long as I wasn't the last one out of the water I knew I would be okay. Well I wasn't I was just the third to last.

After the lovley 1/4 mile run up the boat ramp. Those things are steep! I know I needed to get my butt going seeing as I was not going to be the last to finish that was my only goal in mind. Into T1 I go. By this point it is a down poor...Remember how i don't like to be cold..I was getting worried maybe I got in over my head with this. Off I went. The bike route was fantastic it went up to the Dam and looped around. I need to work on feeling comfortable going downhill I feel like a little kid riding by breaks over a little bump.
The bike was great but it was cold. One of the volunteers actually asked if I was okay. He said, "most people aren't okay when they are purple". I just laughed and finished.

T2 not that I am a good runner but this is probably where I was the strongest today. It took me about half the bike ride to get the swim out my head.

Did I mention it was STILL raining! I could see a pink jacket close ahead and though it was mother. I knew it would take me a second to catch up but I could. So at mile 2 I caught up to only see mother passing me in the other lane she just hit the turn around..GRR.. I just gave it everything to catch up and she still was 400m. in front of me. There was no way I was going to catch her so I just gave it what I could to finish.

I have never dislike something so much but loved it so much. You would think it would test your body physically which it did a little. Honestly I never thought something like this could test you mentally so much!

We headed over to the food. I'm always up for food. As they were announcing awards. I was thinking they should have an award for last place. About a min. later I hear my name being announced as third place for my age group. Awesome there were only three people enterend that all it took to take third.. I was thrilled to find out there were more than three.

(Ryker was so proud of his mommy's medal)
Mother placed third in her age group as well.

Chip Time Information
Actual Start Time: 08:50:07.000
Stop Time: 10:38:58.601
Chip Time: 01:48:51.6
Gun Time Information
Assigned Start Time: 08:50:07.000
Stop Time: 10:38:58.601
Gun Time: 01:48:51.6

Final Time: 01:48:51.6

Race Distance: Sprint
Overall Placing
Place: 100
Time Back: 00:38:23.000
Gender Placing
Place: 35
Time Back: 00:28:07.300
Division Placing
Sprint Female 25-29 Place: 3
Time Back: 00:16:32.900
NoNameInterval TimeTotal Time PaceOverall PlaceOverall BackGender Place Gender BackDivsion PlaceDivision Back

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black Island Farms

Black Island Farms is so much fun and we got to go there for Rykers field trip for Mrs. Kari’s. We had so much fun, it was a long and tiring day but its so amazing to watch your kids learn. Another fun part of the day was that all the preschool classes were combined so we got to have miss. Addy there...I know they are only 3 but come on. Are they not meant for each other?!

We played on the slides

went on a train ride, played in a corm kernel(sand) box

and went on a tractor ride to get Ryker’s pumpkin. He even got a carrot they grew. Ryker ate it for dinner and said it was tasty. I wouldn’t know he wasn’t willing to share.

Monday, October 18, 2010


No means No! How can you get mad at this face? Every time you tell Bronson No, this is the look you get from him.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Game Over

Ryker played his last soccer game of the season. He did really well for his first season playing. He was a good sport and scored lots of goals. He scored the last goal of the season for his team. He also scored the last goal of the season for the other team as well.

We cannot wait until spring to start paying again!