Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Kennadee had a little bike accident with uncle Jackson. Growing up I remember people saying a bike is made for one that's why it has one seat so you shouldn't ride with two people on it. I never had to find out why a bike is made for one. Sadly kennadee learned why. I seriously thought it was broken when it looked like this within 5 min. of crashing.

(update 6 weeks later it is still bruised, she is one lucky girl)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sit up straight

Bronson started sitting up on his own today. He is still a little unsteady but he is getting better as the day goes on..

Ryker being a good brother and helping Bronson sit up.

Monday, April 12, 2010

30 is an old age

Nick turned 30 this year so we decided we needed to do something fun. Well when you have 3 kids and want to do something fun...Where do you end up you ask? DISNEYLAND. Yes I know we have been to a Disney park at least once several times twice a year for the last 5 or so years but its the funnest to see your kids reaction every time. Its always different. The kids loved eating a turkey leg, Ariels Grato and not having a bedtime. It was great to get away!

Getting there was the hard part. We are do lucky my mom works for Jet Blue we tried flying standby needless to say after trying to get on 4 different flights we got in the car and decided to drive. About half way to St. George I came up with a great idea to fly out of Vegas. Lucky us it worked we only had to drive half of what we were planning. Thanks again mom we are do lucky to have the hook up!



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Beach

Aren't these two just darling! We couldn't find a sitter for the kids for the wedding so I was able to wait outside with them it was such a beautiful day. Considering the night of there wedding dinner it was raining Ice and the tree branches were frozen with icicles sideways!

Happy Easter!

It was conference so they never actually even wore there outfits, but we did get to go to a wedding two days later so it was only appropriate they wore their outfits there. We did however have a fun Easter egg hunt in grandma's basement. they kids loved it. We finally got smart and color coded all the eggs everyone ended up having to just find their own color and then there was no tears over not getting something someone else did;)

(Can you tell nobody cares to take a picture they just want candy)

Kennadee's school likes us to bring healthy treats for things. I decided that we would do goldfish carrotts. The kids really enjoyed them. (I know goldfish aren't healthy but in comparison to Jelley beans it counts...right?)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

The kids had a blast coloring Easter eggs this year all two dozen. Its fun but sad to see your kids get older and see things in a new light they My mom made dinner and I made vanilla cupcakes they were so tasty, don't believe me ask Bronson.

My cute mom picked you a cupcake to have. Bronson started eying it. Before I could finish saying don't even think about it. He was diving into it.

Proof they were very tasty this is what happened every time we tried pulling it away from him.